About Us

The goal of Stuff To Do in Sedona is to facilitate life-enriching opportunities for the people of Sedona and all of Verde Valley by supporting individuals and businesses who host classes, presentations, lessons, workshops, entertainment, personal services, recreational and other activities.

We have four ways that we work to accomplish that goal:

  1. Graphic design, printing, and other promotional services
    • Graphic design such as invitations, flyers, posters, banners, and other signage.
    • High-quality, professional printing of the above items.
    • Online promotional services such as social media graphics, online ad graphics, and event web pages.
  2. List and promote classes, events, activities, facilities, etc by local individuals and businesses.
    • …and provide support to those activity hosts by:
      • Providing venue space (in the future)
      • Discounted rates on equipment rentals and supplies
      • Branding, graphic design, and marketing assistance
  3. Host regular activities in the community spaces and in our facility (in the future)
    • Provide fun opportunities for families and individuals
  4. Rent and sell products that people can use for activities in their own space
    • Items rented and sold by us as well as other local individuals and businesses

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