Alien Power Supply Fan

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Dissemble Electronics | 0 comments


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My computer started making a squeaky sound that sort of sounded like classic movie aliens. After two days, I asked Kevin to help me blow it out with the air compressor…but it still made noise. So I opened it up while it was running so I could figure out exactly which fan it was… power supply. So I turned it off, pulled off the power supply cover, pulled out the power supply after disconnecting a wire that was too tight to allow me to pull the thing out, and took it apart from the top down. I made sure to keep the screws organized and took pictures as I went to make sure I didn’t forget how to put it back together. Once I was able to get the actual fan out, since I still couldn’t access the bearings, I just blew it out and wiped down the blades with a dry paper towel. Got everything put back together and it was super quiet!!

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