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All Day
Posse Grounds Park - Multi-Use Field
525 Posse Ground Road, Sedona AZ 86336

Disc Golf Course

This 6 basket course is located just north of ...

6 - 16
10:00 am - 10:45 am
Sedona Library (Children's Room)
3250 White Bear Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336

Toddler Play n’ Learn

Explore early literacy through creative play stations and sensory ...

6 - 16
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Sedona Public Library (SI Birch Community Room)
3250 White Bear Road Sedona, AZ 86336

Monday Movie Nights

From first-run films on the 1st and 3rd Monday, ...

7 - 16
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Sit & Stitch

This group is an eclectic mix of stitchers, knitters, ...

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
West Sedona School Gym
570 Posse Ground, Sedona AZ 86336

Adult Open Gym

West Sedona School gymnasium, 570 Posse Ground, Sedona AZ ...

8 - 17
February - May
9:00 am - 10:00 am
Sunset Park
655 Sunset Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336

Story Time in the Park

Join Miss Marcia from Sedona Public Library for stories, ...

1:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Sedona Community Center
2615 Melody Ln, Sedona, AZ 86336

Watercolor Class

Watercolor classes for Beginner to Intermediate artists. All levels ...

8:00 am - 9:00 am
Posse Grounds Park - Multi-Use Field
525 Posse Ground Road, Sedona AZ 86336

Yappy Hour

Posse Grounds Park - Multi-Use Field Weekly social hour for ...

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Sedona Public Library (SI Birch Community Room)
3250 White Bear Road Sedona, AZ 86336

Youth Chess Club

Come and practice your chess strategies on Thursdays at ...

No event found!
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Workout at the Rec Center

Workout at the Rec Center

My 12 year old loves treadmills. He sets the speed to 10 and runs as fast as he can. We also go to the gym to do rock climbing, swimming, ping pong, and Foosball.

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Gelly Ball Wars

Gelly Ball Wars

Our kids had been playing with Orbeez (knockoffs) the whole week and our oldest had mentioned that she wanted to try paintball so when I found out they had Gelly ball wars at Be Wild in Cottonwood, we had to try it out. They had a great time. The 8 year old got hit...

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Backyard archery

Backyard archery

We took the bow & arrows to my grandparents to give us something fun to do while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to cook. We all took turns trying to hit a stump.

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Trampoline Cat

Trampoline Cat

If you're going to play on the trampoline, might as well be a cat while you're doing it.

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Backyard Archery

Backyard Archery

Colton wanted to do some archery so, since we live on a hill, we set up the football on a duct tape roll target against the hill.  He could only pull the bow back about twice before he had to take a quick break to build up his muscles again, but he was...

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Helicopter Tour…inside the hangar

I was able to let the kids jump into one of the helicopters today. They were sooo excited to see all of the controls, to get to sit inside and put on the headsets. It was fun to see how excited they were.

Alien Power Supply Fan

My computer started making a squeaky sound that sort of sounded like classic movie aliens. After two days, I asked Kevin to help me blow it out with the air compressor...but it still made noise. So I opened it up while it was running so I could figure out exactly...

Digging for gemstones

Josh was sooo excited to jump into the Discovery Science Kit that he got for Christmas and his first activity of choice was the geology block with gemstones hidden inside, similar to a fossil kit.

Meteor Crater fun

For my youngest son's birthday, we went to Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ. The visitor's center has cool interactive exhibits and a 4D movie to learn about meteors (moving seats, air blasts, flashing lights) which my 8 and 11 year old loved. And then going out to the...


Colorful Wooden Blocks

Colorful Wooden Blocks

The younger two had a fun time building this wooden block structure together in the kitchen... in front of the fridge... for some reason. They had cars and characters and a whole story line going. It was cute to watch.

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Origami Bat

Origami Bat

My 8-year old loves Batman and bats in general so he asked if I could look up how to create an origami bat. He did most of the first steps but it got pretty complicated when he had to push certain edges in or tuck a point into a pocket, so he had some help. This is...

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Family Cup Tiles

Family Cup Tiles

I had some 4x12" tiles that the previous owner of our house left to us and I bought 4x4" tiles for each person in the family. I hot-glued the small tiles to the back of the large tiles and added vinyl lettering for each person's name. Next I'll add wood to the edges...

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Origami Crane

Origami Crane

I followed this tutorial to create this origami crane https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfnyopxdJXQ

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My Entry Door Design Coming to Life

My Entry Door Design Coming to Life

I designed this entry door for our downstairs entrance into the foyer. My grandparents had a custom door builder in Sierra Vista build it for us and they will finish the framing of it and add sidelights. It still needs stain, hardware, windows & trim, and the...

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Virtual Archeological Dig

They have a virtual Archeological dig system set up in the children's adventure room at the Verde Valley Archeological Center in Camp Verde, AZ. The kids loved moving the sand around to see artifacts being uncovered.

Cottonwood Library Teen Section

The teen loft area at the Cottonwood Library is awesome - great space to hang out and cool views and plenty of natural light.

Garrison Park veteran memorial

After my kids had had a chance to play on the playground for a while, I took them over to the veteran memorial area. There was a few different areas in memory of different people involved in service to their country, including one for service K9s who gave the ultimate...

Exposures Art Gallery visit…with kids

One day, I got brave enough to take four children, ages 7 to 16, to an art gallery. Exposures had a beautiful collection - a ton of variety of styles and mediums. The outside has some fun animal and wind sculptures that little kids would appreciate if you're nervous...

Road Trip to Flagstaff

We decided to head up to Flagstaff to play at the Fort Tuthill Bike Park and go swimming in Oak Creek. It was a fun, tiring day.

St Helens – Halloweentown

When I went walking down to old town St Helens, OR from our hotel, I noticed that many of the houses were decorated pretty heavily for Halloween. The downtown area had at least two haunted houses in the tall, old city buildings, The town square and a little riverside...


Face painting at the Verde Valley Archeological Center

They had an artist doing face painting at the Archeological Center in Camp Verde. Josh decided to get a scorpion...don't ask me why, hehe.

Werewolf in fancy business clothing

You really never know what you're going to get with this kid, haha.

Craft Store silliness

When we stopped at Joann's for some craft supplies, Colton couldn't resist dressing up the dinosaur puppet he found.

Tyler painting Colton’s face at the school Halloween party

The kids had a great time at the school Halloween party. Ty painted Colt's face....but I'm pretty sure the kid asked for a kitty face even though he was being a werewolf, lol. You never know what you'll get with that kid.

Colton Jack Skellington

When Colt has a set of theater makeup, it's hard to get him to go a day without doing his face up as something or other. With a set of white, black, red, and purple, he went with Jack Skellington.
Craft Store silliness

Craft Store silliness

When we stopped at Joann's for some craft supplies, Colton couldn't resist dressing up the dinosaur puppet he found.

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Helicopter Ride Over Sedona

I had an opportunity to take a helicopter tour over Sedona and got to see some really neat Indian dwellings and the beautiful red rock formations of our unique area.

Playing Chess at the Library

They offer a drop-in Chess club at our local library so the kids have fun attending that and learning from the very skilled leader. It was so good for him to learn to slow down, take his time to look through his options, and make an informed decision. For someone with...

Castles n Coasters for our Experience Christmas

We decided to let the kids choose which experience they wanted to do for Christmas this year, to create fun memories with the family and cut down on materialism. We had so much fun together.

Colt and I playing Wizards’ Chess

Colton wanted to play Wizard's Chess so I made him ask his brother, to be respectful, since it was his game. He let us play. Colton is so imaginative, half of the game involved pretending to be the characters, lol. The other half was teaching him the way the pieces...


Surfing at the lake

We went for an awesome weekend with Kevin's friends to go surfing on the lake. It was a good challenge to figure out how to position yourself, to balance, etc. It took me quite a few times to figure it out and I still only stayed up for maybe 15 seconds, lol. Kevin...

Sycamore Creek

We took a long, rocky dirt road to Parson's Trailhead and hiked down to Sycamore Creek. We found an awesome swimming hole with a sandy beach.

Rock Climbing at Be Wild

At Be Wild in Cottonwood, AZ they have a rock climbing wall (and all sorts of other fun stuff). So Josh (left) got to feed his rock climbing bug again for a minute. It's so fun to watch him because he almost looks like he's made for it.

Scarlet Macaw Demonstration

We went to the Verde Valley Archeological Center and they were doing a demonstration about scarlet macaws because they were found to have been brought to the US and kept in the ancient Native American villages in Verde Valley. Tyler was in heaven watching their...

The Pool is Open!

The Sedona public pool had their grand opening today so we got to go swim for free. The kids met some new friends and had a blast jumping in and going down the water slide.

Verde River Tubing

Tubing down Verde River is one of our new favorite activities. Most of the river is pretty tame but there are several spots with mild rapids to float through that make it fun. We park one car at the end and then drive to the beginning.

Sycamore Canyon Exploration

We took the long dirt road to get to Parson's trail head and hiked down and found a great swimming hole. The bottom was very fine sand and soft plants. The water was clear until we stirred it up with our feet. The water was chilly but tolerable.

Rock Climbing at Flagstaff Climbing Gym

We had a great time at Flagstaff Climbing Gym. They had a great variety of difficulties and styles to fit everyone's needs. Colton was a beast and did much better than I expected. Josh did awesome and felt much better about himself than after our bouldering...


I took my 11 year old to a bouldering gym in Flagstaff to see what he thought, if he would like to join a team. It was quite a bit harder than he expected so we decided to try rock climbing first and come back to bouldering when he's a bit stronger. It was a fun time...

Snowball Fight!

When we drove over Mingus Mountain to get to Prescott, we found a little patch of snow near the road that leads to camping, so we had to stop for a bit of fun 🙂

Hiking Sedona View Trail to the Vortex

We decided to hike Sedona View Trail from the airport one day and it was pretty easy although it's rocky & the views were pretty. It's much easier to get to the Vortex hill from the lower parking lot, but we wanted some exercise.

Family MTB ride on Chuck Wagon Trail on a Beautiful Fall Day

We ventured out for a family MTB ride in Boynton Canyon and decided to do one of my favorites, Chuck Wagon Trail, because it has so much variety, just the right amount of technical difficulty to keep you on your toes, and beautiful views. The 11 year old fell in a...


Volunteering for local dog sanctuary

We decided to go help out at an adoption event for a local dog shelter. It was kind of chaotic but we had fun and I think the kids felt good for helping out.

Learning to Change a Tire

I had to replace my brakes, so I took the opportunity to teach the kids, especially the almost 17 year old, how to change a tire using the car's jack as well as a hydraulic one. They had fun taking turns removing the bolts and lifting the jacks. All along the way, I...

Garden Planning

While we waited for an oil change, we wandered around the garden section of Walmart to see what kinds of plants and flowers we should get when we get our gardens set up.

Green Face Masks

Colton and I decided to have a silly night and do "Hulk Masks" together 😁

Kielbasa & Red Cabbage

When the store ran out of green cabbage, instead of staring at the empty shelf and sadly calling my loved one to tell them about the problem, I just grabbed a red cabbage. It turned the onions and kielbasa a funky shade of purple so we decided to add yellow, orange...

Building Gingerbread Houses with the Family

My mom loves to set up gingerbread houses for the kids for Christmas. She had a whole cooler full of candy, cereal, marshmallows and pretzels, new and old, to use for decorations. She even offered to break out the cake decorating stuff too but it was already plenty.

Venus Fly Trap

When Kevin & I saw Venus Fly Traps at Bashas the other day, Kevin immediately thought of Colt. We had to bring it home for him. We instructed him not to play with the leaves since they die if they are triggered without grabbing an insect.

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